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Save $ Cutting the Cable Cord

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We haven't had cable, satellite, or even an antenna for more than a decade.  Internet is Century Link at around $20/month. 

We have cable to get internet. The phone lines where I live are very old and not upgraded and there is no DSL. It is cheaper for me to get internet plus basic channels than just internet from the cable company, so we have some limited basic channels. The TV is in the closet, I will pull it out in a diaster or somesuch if I think it will have news coverage.

With DSL, Netflix, Hulu, and HDTV over the air, there's really nothing the wife or I miss about not having cable.

Smurf Hunter:
If it wasn't for my wife and kids, I'd ditch comcast as well.  The other problem is I've got the 3 service bundle: ISP, phone, TV cable

I think the whole package is around $180/month (we negotiated it down).  To just cut the cable and return the monthly DVR box we rent would only save $60 or so.

We've considered tossing the landline, but we do have a monitored alarm/security system hardwired (another monthly expense).
Also, with my wife and I on the same mobile carrier, there's no phone redundancy if that service was interrupted should we rely exclusively on cell towers.

cable for internet only. i have a roku someone gave me tied to netflix.


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