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Seasonal Affective Disorder what helps you?

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This is cross posted in the Campfire section under Morale but I think maybe it fits better over here.  ???

With winter fast upon us I've been looking into various natural treatments for seasonal depression. One thing that stands out is those special lights designed to mimic or trick our bodies into believing we are actually getting sunlight.

In looking at these “full spectrum” lights the price for the special light boxes seems absurd. I was hoping by searching the forums here to find a thread that discussed this but none of my search titles found what I was looking for.

Does anyone here know of or have experience with either the light boxes themselves or the use of the so called full spectrum light bulbs you can purchase at Home Depot or Lowes?

If you’ve used the light bulbs do they reach the suggested 10,000 lux level? I’ve read about Vitamin D and think I will start taking extra of that too.

Any other ideas, thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

My apologies if there really is another thread somewhere; I just couldn’t find one.


Smurf Hunter:
Beer and football on TV ;D

Oil Lady:
This suggestion isn't possible for a lot of people, but it DOES help me.

I don't want to have my bedroom be a one-window room. I want my bedroom to be a corner room so that there's at least two windows and they are each on two totally different walls. That way you are increasing your daily sunlight exposure in the one room that is "yours" by easily 50%. 

Cap Cod cottages are known for such rooms. And some farm houses also. Some forms of modern architecture tend to be extra stingy with windows. So this can often be a very difficult luxury to attain for yourself.

SAD is real problem and some people really struggle with it.  I bought my wife a Philips GoLite BLU last winter, but she won't use it.  It's easier for me to get her to spend some time outside when the sun's out, and this makes a big difference for her, especially on the weekends when she doesn't have the stimulation from work.  Granted, in California we have a good deal more sun than most of the country, but winter can still bring her way down and I have to watch to make sure that she doesn't get too SAD.  You know what they say, "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

At work I try to sit by the windows in the lunch room or eat lunch in my car when it's sunny out.
I've looked at getting a "happy light" but my employer doesn't like us bringing in electrical stuff from home.
Spending as much time as possible outside (or driving around in my car) on the weekends help too.


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