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...Okay, so I've posted before that The Husband, when given a hypothetical situation, went for the go steal from Wal-Mart scenario.  Last night I spoke with a male friend in Indy and said something about the grid going down, and he gave the same type of answer; e.g, "I'll be okay.  I have firearms." 


I tried to point out to him that ripping off others is not a viable option.  First of all, because he would likely run out of resources, or people to steal from, and second, that he would likely run out of ammo.  He acknowledged that this was not really a sustainable option.

I did not tell him he would most likely get gut-shot and die.  I was and am sick, and my brain wasn't working quickly enough. 

So why then, ladies, (and gents, if you would care to please answer this) does it seem as if most of the men I talk to, when I give them these types of situations, are more likely to immediately jump to the raider viewpoint rather than thinking about getting ready ahead of time?  I honestly don't understand this.  When I point out flaws in their "plan", they'll accede that there are flaws, and yes, to be prepared is better than not, but dang it, these are intelligent people that for the most part, aren't likely to just lay down and die if something happened to the system.  My friend is a geologist and a water safety inspector for the state.  He's not a sheep, he's just not thinking.  And if the quick reaction to the grid going down, or a pandemic and loss of support systems that way, or anything else SHTF/TEOTWAWKI is for the guys to start raiding, then we're going to have a lot of dead guys in the streets from that.

How do we get them to think things through/just plain THINK instead of going with the machismo/quick reaction?

Gentlemen: please understand that I am not meaning to belittle or speak badly of y'all.  I am honestly concerned about this, and I almost always hear this kind of thing when I try to bring up prepping to a male, and not a female.  A female, when I bring up prepping, will start talking about learning how to sew, or how to can, or their garden and saving seeds if they can.  I see this as a serious difference in viewpoints that we have to find ways to work with/around.   

I, for one, do not accept your premise.

Yes, there are people like this, but the fact the male to female ratio on this forum is 7:1 is some evidence against what you are suggesting.

Idiots come in all genders, colors and religions. Stupid knows no boundaries. If you read the thread Heavy G started you will notice that quite a few men have trouble convincing their female partner about this prepping stuff.

Now, as to the basic question, it may relate to how most (but not nearly all) violent criminals are male. IMO, because most men are stronger than most (but again, not all) women, more men will likely resort to force before most women will.

I was not suggesting that y'all are all like this, and I sincerely apologize for that seeming to come through, Tex.

I simply seem to run into the "raider" mindset more with males than females, and I'm trying to come up with ways to discuss and point out the flaws in that course of action.


--- Quote from: BadgerAngel on September 13, 2011, 08:30:17 AM ---...I'm trying to come up with ways to discuss and point out the flaws in that course of action.

--- End quote ---
There is no cure for stupid.

Could also be that it's us ladies who are more used to (on a day by day basis) keeping the pantry stocked. It's easier for us to see prepping as a sort of "expanded pantry". Certainly, some guys can also do this too, for instance military sorts who know all about supply lines and such. I'm not sure why some guys would fall into a "raider" mindset but certainly some supplies (water!!) would probably be impossible even to steal after a while. I don't see it as any sort of option.


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