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Rats from hell. Need advice.

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Oil Lady:
And here we have yet another banner thread at TSP. Just 80 posts and over 5,000 views. That kind of a disparity between the two numbers tells me that this thread is being picked up in Google searches being executed by non-TSP folks looking for answers on how to combat rats. And so they unknowingly click their way into this forum and thus get introduced to the world of Prepping. :)


--- Quote from: Oil Lady on May 07, 2012, 07:40:10 AM ---That kind of a disparity between the two numbers tells me that this thread is being picked up in Google searches being executed by non-TSP folks looking for answers on how to combat rats. And so they unknowingly click their way into this forum and thus get introduced to the world of Prepping. :)

--- End quote ---

Whatever works. ;D  But those numbers also serves as a reminder that many who reads our messages are not part of the TSP family and we need to be careful about including personal info when it comes to some of our replies.

Great thread.  Just sorry I really need the info.  Dang it!!  We have a rat problem.  They have dug under the slab foundation of the barn.  When I say dug I mean they have made a huge condo under there.  Now I know why the cement floor is cracking.  After further inspection we have found that the barn has sunk about a 1/2 inch on the west side.  There was nothing left to hold up the building.  The sill plate is about 6" off the ground.  So we have dug new footings for support under the sill plate.   Yesterday was doing some remodeling moved a bunch of stuff saw a couple big holes thought no problem just fill with cement.  While digging to set some forms.  2/3 of the foundation gave way! There was a huge housing tunnel and dens the rats made.  I had hubby come home with a friend so we could get things taken care of.  Hated to do that but 2 of the 4 sides of the barn no support.  I don't even want to know about the west side.  At least the north side is fine. 

During this process our boston terrier Goblin has turned into a very good rat hunter.  Getting better with all the experience he is getting.  He has only been able to catch and kill young ones about 40 so far.  40 little rats.  Crap almighty this must mean we have tons of rats.  >:( :o    Goblin has even found them in the green house and now he is alerting on the back porch.  Crap!!!

Needless to say once all the new foundations are in and holes plugged we are going rat hunting every day!
 So according to this thread I will try

A trash can with bait string and a board to try and catch them
Rat traps
shooting them
gassing them
wack with a shovel (got only one that way the second got away)
poison if we can get the summer home made for our pigs and birds. (pigs love baby rats know I know why they were digging in the barn)
Borax and peanut butter

Cats ferrets snakes ( we live in SW WA) more dogs water hose under slab options not really doable.

Did I miss any thing?  besides call an exterminator?  We keep all feed in metal garbage cans. Have never had a rat chew through the bags of extra feed (never really saw that much poo either).  Will also try and make some kind of nipple watering system so we don't have to have buckets of water around.  That won't work for all the animals so will still have to have some open water source. 


Wow! That's amazing, Roundabout... keep us posted on how the rat war goes. It sounds like they are running from the condo, so maybe the biggest part will be done before long.

Goblin our boston terrier found and destroyed another nest this one had 15 babies!   Sunny and Luna 2 of our pigs were right there to munch out.  I think they are even getting the idea to dig them up.  Funny to watch Goblin goes into the hole under the foundation the pigs stand behind him waiting for a snack. We have team work here! ;) 
We now have all the support footings and posts under the barn.  Today we were going to finish up stuffing cement under everything.  Didn't pan out for today maybe tomorrow.   At least last night we didn't forget to cover all the holes with wood and rocks.  Forgot the night before poor Bella our youngest pig curled up in the hole to sleep and got stuck.  Poor girl was squealing up a storm in the morning when she couldn't get out for breakfast.  Man was she jammed in there good.  She is fine and was very happy I came to help.  She even took the time to give me a nudge before she ran for her food.   Then we will tackle the 3rd side of the barn.  It does not look to bad so hoping that we can just block the holes.  Well will leave one open so we can gas the suckers.

The green house is still rat free! Goblin and the pigs got every thing taken care of.  Now Goblin is alerting under the house and back porch!  :pissed:  It seems the frigen rats have moved.  Now I understand why the pigs are rooting making pig holes to sleep in  next to the deck steps.  They are waiting for a midnight snack.   ;)

Seems pigs can be added to the how to kill rats. The hen turkeys do their share too.  One of then saw a rat in their house and chased it out.  She was out for blood.  The other 2 hens came running over to her and they all paced around the rat hole pecking at it and making really strange sounds.  That may be why the don't all want to sleep in their house lately.  Well all at the same time. Two sleep inside and one sleeps out side on the fence rail.  They take turns.  The tom well he has taken to sleeping on the roof of their house or the barn roof.  Cracks me up like when you see some one jump up on a chair when they see a mouse.  Our tom flys up on the roof when he sees a rat. ;D  Guess he can't be bothered  with stuff like that he is to busy being a pretty boy.  Mr. Jiggles is always puffing up turning blue and doing his stomping jiggle dance for the ladies.  So funny to watch him deflate when they turn him down.  Maybe if he spent more time in protection mode vs horney mode it would work better for him?   Always a show around here.   

Still blows my mind how we had so many rats and never knew it.


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