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Rats from hell. Need advice.

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@mngardener... thought you might find help in this older thread about a similar problem... enjoy!

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We have had a run in with Texas Roof Rats here.  In my garage, which is attached to my house. I can hear them in the walls and attic now.  My dog was kind enough to bring one to me and laid it on my feet.... I screamed and she danced around all proud.

Every year my city makes updates to the park behind my house or in the last two years we have had a lot of new construction around here, sheds, detached garages, new shopping centers.

Its a pain and really gross. We keep our non-food preps in out garage. They ate a case of toliet paper.

We have traps out everywhere and have only caught 2 counting the one the dog caught. No poisons, i cant take the chance of my dogs getting sick, they are like my babies.

told yah, gas would have been better :)


--- Quote from: Possenti2264 on January 09, 2011, 04:07:07 PM ---I'm, pretty sure I'm not going to use poison.  The dogs sometimes get into the garden, and I don't want there to be some residual poison in the future which would kill them.

I'm thinking next time I'm going to get some friends, a case of beer, and a bbq, and we'll all play a big game of "whack-a-mole" with rats (if they don't drown in the bucket traps first).

--- End quote ---
         As long as you put the bait in a proper "baiting station" as the above posters suggested there will be no residual poison.  Make sure you use a rodenticide such as this in a block form.  It will attach with a bar inside the bait station so the rodents can't "trans-locate" the bait. They can only eat it in the box.
          Secondary poisoning isn't as much of a issue as people think, after most of the commonly used baits are ingested and um uhh expelled it is no longer dangerous to our pets. Also your dogs would get sick of eating "contaminated rat bodies" before they would get sick from eating them. 
          And please if you get your hands on zinc phosphate or tracking powder don't use it, they both work well but not worth the risk. If you need any pointers please email or pm me, this is what i do for a living. Well i guess that's a lie, this is what I pay my tech to do now.

My parents had rats in their garage a few years back.  My dad enlisted the help of a friend with an aggressive Jack Russell Terrier to come over, and left it in the garage for a few hours. It killed a rat every time.  Apparently that's what the Jack Russell Terriers were bred for back in the day.  This went on for several weeks, until his friends' wife found out what they were using the family dog for!

Then he used borax missed in peanut butter for the rest of them. Good luck!



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