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Rats from hell. Need advice.

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The rats nested underneath the a/c unit right next to my daughter's bedroom.  I wasn't sure if the car exhaust could somehow get inside the house, so I didn't try to smoke them out. 

Also, the blast thing is cool, but again, the nest was under the a/c, so I wouldn't want to damage it.

The one thing that I haven't seen anyone mention regarding poison is that it can backfire on you if you put it out in the basement or cellar of your living space: the rats sometimes eat the bait, go back to their (often inaccessible) nest or other abode, and then die there.  Then they decompose and stink up the place something awful.  When you add in the fact that the rat may die in a place where your dog can get at it, and possibly chew on it, the negatives of poison have always outweighed the positives for me. YMMV.

Uhmmm , its under a slab , gas and a match btw stand to the side when u light it.

second option i used to do as a kid. get the real traps for animal trapping. slather the trigger with peanut butter if u have cereal add some it makes them push the trigger down to get the cereal. you can also go without bait just dig the area out a bit so u can place the traps.

Get a couple of ferrets. They will kill all your rats, and if you keep them outside and fed andn watered they will keep the rats away as long as you have them there.

So I have a known rat issue. if the rule if you see one you know you have 12 applies, well i saw 20. son of a _____

So my desires are use DeCon last. i have about 30 days before i do that. (that is when i can kick the chickens out of the coop for a week or so and not worry much about them, and clean out all the straw in the coop. this will isolate the problem area and starve them out and add poison. )

So while the last thing i want to add is Cyanide to my living space. Do any of you know of any more organic versions of rat deurrants of versions of killing them.

I am currently trying baking soda mixed with sugar and flour, also with chicken grain. The ratios are 1 part soda 2 parts other. The idea is the rats can't pass gas very well and their stomachs expand/explode. all done with them.

 Word has it it works well with gulls too. ;)

Any further ideas?

Other then a shotgun....


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