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Learning experience with an opossum and pellet rifles

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--- Quote from: Mr. Bill on July 01, 2010, 11:54:12 AM ---They also have this warning on the box:
They're not very loud out of a handgun, but probably still audible to nearby neighbors if fired outdoors.

--- End quote ---

They work very well out of my AR (with .22 conversion) and my 10/22. I tried them in an older, long barrel Remmington single shot. The loudest sound, when shooting from a rifle, is the bullet hitting the target. When I tried the Remmy, there was no bullet hitting the target sound. ..
Just pushed the bullet out, and don't use the Colibres in the Remmy anymore.

3 things:

slightly off topic- the SSS rounds from aguila are ridiculously quiet in my 24 inch barreled .22 rifles. they are really fairly quiet in my Sportsman 6 inch .22 revolver.  I would always choose these over the colibri 20 grain as the 60 grain projectile hits devastatingly hard for a .22 at close range.

Second-  I have little experience with the superlight "fast" pellets, but all bad. Squirrels, raccoons, and a few other critters have ridiculously thick and hard skulls, but I haven't had nay luck with lighter weight ammo penetrating them any better.  Generally speaking, you get more foot pounds and better energy transfer going heavier and losing some velocity. If you really want to penetrate thick skulls specifically, the high velocity .177 guns with 10.7 grain crosman heavies seems to do best. In .22- ~14 grain DOME pellets seem, to me, to be the best ones. the hollowpoints are better for the chest shots in general

Third- heart and lung. For a finishing shot, that's probably best, if you made a head shot initially. Even then, you'll want to make sure it's bled out.  But a pellet at the base of the skull will do it, too.


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