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299 Days: The War (Book Eight Discussion)

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I had hoped that the quality of the writing would have greatly improved by now.  Overall I am more disappointed in book 8 than most of the previous let downs in the series. The story line really drug on for me, painfully so, in this ediion.  IMO, the phrase " 299 Days just goes to show that you don't have to be a good writer to tell a good story" from an Amazon review never held more true than with book 8.

If I had one request it would be for Heavy G to wind it up in one final book rather than milking his aufience for two more fillers. I had wanted to share this series with family and friends; however, the poor writing and grammatical errors have left me too embarrased to recommend it outside of the prepper community.


Honestly, I'm ready for the story to be done.  Honestly I think this could of been a 3-4 book series. 
Other then that it was a fairly decent-good book. 

Smurf Hunter:
Everyone I know who's read 299 Days has the same thought about the length and number of books.

At this point I've spent over $80 in Kindle format, so I may as well see it through, but obviously for a $100 eBook budget I could have got a LOT of great reading material. While we're all complaining, clearly the marketing is effective because most of us suckers paid $0.10/page or whatever it breaks down to, and came back for more 8 times so far.

been waiting for the war for 7 books...

Sailor Mike:
Am really looking forward to reading "The War".  I really hope Nancy Ringman gets hers!


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