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I have a groundhog, living under my shed. What is the best way to smoke him out to trap/kill him? He is bothering the gardens. All help or suggestions is welcome. I am in a area I can't shoot him with my .22. If I get a good shot, I will try w/ a crossman air rifle.


An airgun will not be effective against a groundhog....even a 22 will not stop them in their tracks unless you have a good headshot.  You can pickup a $25 animal trap from harbor freight to trap him:   

set a snare.

Tactical Badger:
Yeah, I think you're just going to piss it off with an air gun.  A headshot MIGHT stun it long enough to whack it with a hammer.

I'd go with the snare if it were me.  But, since you can just shoot it, I'm guessing you're in town somewhere.  You might have to trap it under the pretenses of relocating it to the country...where it can be shot properly. ;D

So says I, Tactical Badger...Mighty...uh...Mediocre Killer of Groundhogs

Groundhogs are tough critters.

Your best bet is to trap it.  Block off all access but one way in & one way out, they typically have multiple entry & exit points so look around.  They probably won't be close to each other & groundhogs are tunnelers so you may need to search in an ever expanding circular manner to make sure you've covered the area. 

If it's only under your shed it shouldn't be too hard, but they are observant & fairly tricky so you should also shoot video of you trying to outsmart the groundhog so we can all have a good laugh. ;D


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