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Look whose coming to dinner(as dinner that is)!


Some of these pics are a couple months old and a some are from yesterday. On average we've seen deer either in the pasture behind the barn or in the backyard(which is in front of the barn) at least 3-4 times a week since we bought the place in April. The entire area seems to be full of wildlife. Squirrels are every where, seen numerous turkey up on the hill/pasture, several wild rabbits, deer and even came across a raccoon den while hiking/scouting our woods. I'm really looking forward to hunting season this year!  ;D

This one is going to need a couple years.

Small doe under our apple tree.

same doe

These were taken a couple months ago.

Copyright 1972:

I miss living in the country!

This just makes me hungry for backstrap!!!

You are a lucky guy!

Oh yea, nice outbuildings too! 


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