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Tanning with brains

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Hey folks. I'm new to the forum. I've been listening to the podcasts for several weeks and I've finally made my way out here.
I was just reading a thread about hunting coyotes. Someone mentioned tanning the hides.
I did a search on the topic and I don't see that anyone has covered this yet.

You can use an animal's brains to tan a hide.  It is truly that simple... just lay out the hide and spread the animal's brains out into the interior of the hide.
It seems that that nearly every critter on this big blue marble has just the right amount of grey matter to tan its own hide.
This is the way that the American Indians used to do it.

Louisiana Suvivor:
yeah i didn't know you could do it till i read "Patriots". it's pretty cool learning techniques that in some aspects are almost lost arts

Cave Dweller:
all I know is the old phrase

--- Quote ---Every animal has just enough brains to save it's own hide. One way or another.
--- End quote ---


Louisiana Suvivor:
that's an awesome quote

These guys have a good video on brain tanning, but they are boring to listen too.  The information is good though.  They have quite a few videos on primitive survival lots of good stuff.


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