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Alan Georges:
There's now a camo wiki:
Useful?  Maybe.  Cool?  Definitely.

David in MN:
I have always loved the 1980s Soviet stuff that's like tan, reddish, and green. The TTsko (that should be a pi I think). Awesome. It's not so much camo as it is "look at my badass". I always figured those guys were tough.

I also love the American S. Vietnamese tiger stripe stuff. When I was a kid dad still had some from the war and let me run around the house in it.

One of the businesses I do is in paracord and it's amazing. I'll sell out with colors like winter camo and urban camo. I guess nobody likes the old Soviet camo but me. Maybe I'm a product of my times.

Cool link.

It's real easy to go down a rabbit hole with this if you're a history buff. Thanks for the link.  8) I like the Swedish M90 splinter pattern - not because of its effectiveness or lack of it, but because it looks futuristic in a pleasing way for me, haha


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