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I'm looking to get into fishing, but I need a fishing pole. I'm confused by all the different options... What should I start out with?

Depends on what kind of fishing you want to do. I go after trout, as it is my favorite food next to chocolate.

I use a collapsible pole. My current one is made by Eagle, which cost me $14. I like collapsible ones, as they stay in my vehicle all the time. Can go in my backpack, or saddle bags.

The reel is easy to use, and even my daughter can use it. I have been catching alot of fish on it lately. Make sure you have the right sized hooks (and needlenose plyers).

I bought mine from BiMart. And it looks like this without the cork handle.


Depends on what you're fishing for, and what type of bait you intend to use. Lighter fish and lighter baits call for lighter pole actions. I mostly fish for crappie using minnows, and prefer a medium or medium/heavy action pole. If I go for catfish, I want something stouter, but my usual poles will work if I don't feel like dragging out a 10'+ surf rod. I would guess that Cedar's preferred fishing pole is a light or ultralight action and probably has really light line on it, say 4 to 8 pound test. It would work really well for bluegill or other small panfish too.

My very first fishing pole was cane/bamboo and cut from the mess of it that was around my great grandparent's house. Caught a lot of bluegill and crappie out at the ponds on it.  :) Used to bend the barbs in on my hooks so it was easier to get the fish off and toss them back. Not a practice I recommend if you're fishing for food, but you'll sure learn how to keep pressure on a fish so they don't spit the hook out.  ;D

Well, it doesn't matter too much what pole you get as a beginner, just get one that you like and spend some time learning how to use it. If you really don't have a clue, check out a spincast reel to start. If you want the basics about the types of fishing poles, check out this guide to types of fishing reels. But really, get a cheapish starter reel, and use it for your first year.  After that, as you start to like fishing, you'll get an idea of what you like and dislike about the pole you have and it'll be easier to pick a better one.

If you want to do some more research, fishingnoob has a good primer.

I looked through that guide on the types of fishing reels. For an absolute beginner, I'd recommend a spincast reel. They're super simple to operate. Cleaning can be a bit of a pain, but start with one of those and go from there.


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