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Rifle carry with backpack

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I've got an Osprey Atmos 65 pack and plan to use it on a hunting trip.  I plan to hike to the location, not more than a day out.  I need some advise on how to carry the rifle so it's stowed and not banging my knees etc.

Carry it with the sling across your weak  shoulder in front of your body or with the sling around body of the pack vertical or in a vertical scabbard attached on the side or rear of the pack.
Best I can suggest as I am not familiar with your pack and body shape/size.Carry with sling on non shooting/weak side  and rifle in front is fastest to deploy but I prefer attached to the pack.

Adding to what Carl said, attached to side ussually works well for an ergonomic pack.  If you dont have a scabbard you can use a cloth bag attached to bottom of pack as shelf for buttstock and a side compression strap to sinch it tight to pack.  It is a good practice to place a balloon over muzzle to avoid rain or obstructions getting in barrel.  You will end up with something looking like this:

Carrying my small day pack and rifle through the mountains this year (first year deer hunting) I have been putting my head through the sling and resting the sling on my left shoulder with the rifle at an angle across my back.  When I want it more accessible I switch to a more standard carry method of just on my right shoulder. 

Thanks guys.  I like the setup  that pack and if I can fashion a home remedy, all the better.


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