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Carp, are they edible ??

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I understand the Laotian immagrants in the area eat them just fine, however after tasteing a dish or two.  :P

Is there any way to make them useful?? soaking?? Smoking?? Or is it really just better to cut them up as bait??

I don't personally know how to do it, but I have eaten smoked carp and it wasn't half bad.  I know it isn't much help, but it is all I have.   :)

The lake where I live has an overpoplulation of carp, and they are very easy to catch.  I really don't want to eat then personally, but am planning on catching as many as I can and using them for dog/cat food.  Also, I learned in a composting class yesterday that they can be composted. 


--- Quote from: kimrpeterson on May 03, 2009, 07:39:52 PM ---I learned in a composting class yesterday that they can be composted. 

--- End quote ---

Ohhhh that's gotta smell really good!!!  :o

Yes, Carp are edible.  We cooked it when I was a boy scout and I blame the results more on our cooking skills (poor) as opposed to the fish.  It was edible but would have been better served with spices.  I do not remember it being particularly oily and it reminded me of a white fish like haddock when cooked.

I've heard some people complain that it can have a "muddy" taste if it comes from brackish water.  In those cases it was recommended you move them, while still alive, to clean water for a few days to clear out the crap.

Here is a link to some carp recipes.


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