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Hunting with horses


Looking for info on hunting big game with horses. Would be hunting primarily moose or caribou up here. How can I train a horse to rifle fire or find one already trained?

Finding one already trained would simply require looking in the usual places one finds quality horses.  Training one to hunt off of usually requires a lot of ground work. . . .

* Start with equine ear plugs.
* Then halter the horse with a long cotton lead.  You may even try hobbling the horse.
* From the ground, start with a small caliber pistol like a .22lr, moving up to higher caliber as the horse shows signs of less spook.
* Then as the horse gets better start to fire the pistol from a riding position.
* Over time the horse will have no problem with the gunfire, depending on the horse of course.

Thank you Nelson96. Not sure how many already trained would be available here in Alaska. I doubt many people would want to give up a good hunting horse. I would think the mounted shooting horses might be a bit high strung like ex barrel racers.

I don't know if this will work ,but Melatonin when given at about 5 milligrams per 100 pounds to my dog and others eliminates the pure panic they have with fireworks,lightening(thunder) and yes...even gunfire.She calmly did her perimeter check while fireworks popped above,stopping only to observe the pretty colors. I would ask a vet ,but they do suggest melatonin for head shaking with horses...could it be that easy?
  Might ,at least,make training easier.


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