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I will have to admit I have never been hunting. Grandpa died before our trip when I was young.  :'(

Beyond firearms and knives because I own both appropriate for a trip. What other gear is required?

Well, not much, or a lot.  It's kind of up to you & what you're planning on hunting.  If you're planning on extended stays you'll need general camping gear, however much & whatever type you think you'll need to be comfortable.

I have a 600 acre lease that I deer hunt on every year.  I have electric on the lease & an outhouse but no live water.  I bought a small camper to use while I'm deer hunting because I'll often spend a few days out in the woods.  Sleeping on the ground sucks, hence the camper. It's a comfy little place for extended stays but I started out in a tent with a sleeping bag & that's about all.

Here's a short list of what I take to deer camp besides the camper.

This stuff stays in the camper & ready to go.
2 Coleman lanterns with extra fuel.
1 dual burner Coleman stove (just in case)
2 Propane tanks. (for the stove/oven in the camper)
2 flashlights.
2 sleeping bags, pillows with sheets for the bunks.
Extra blankets
Paper plates/cups
Paper towels
Hand sanitizer
Cast iron skillets
Dish Soap
Paper towels
Cloth dish towels
Large towels (on the off chance I dive into a freezing pond)
Coffee percolator (old fashioned kind)
Playing cards, checkers & backgammon (in case I have guests)
Knives & forks (not plastic)
2 5 gallon water containers
Camp chairs

Stuff I load into the Jeep whenever I go for an extended stay
Longbow & arrows
Hunting knife & kukri
Hunting clothes
Spare regular clothes (includes socks, undies, etc.)
Hunting shoes
Slip on shoes (Crocs, flip flops, etc.)
Cooler or two, depending on how long I'm staying
Food (fill water jugs)
Rain gear (I need some new rain gear)
I'm probably forgetting something here, but you get the general idea.

What I take for a day hunt
Longbow & arrows
Hunting knife
Game bag if small game hunting
Ziploc bags
Camel back or bottled water
Hand sanitizer
Roll of paper towels

Choice of gear is a highly individual thing.  As you can see spending a few days in deer camp can get gear heavy.  Just going for the day I like to travel light.  The only things I ever actually carry on me are the bow, arrows & knife & since I day hunt & extended stay hunt on the same 600 acres, if there's something I need I can usually get it out of my camper.

If I were you & just starting out I'd start with a short trip.  Maybe a few hours to see if you even like hunting.  Do you know anyone you could go with initially?

If you do decide to go, map out a plan and let someone know where you are going and when you will be back.  Give them a general idea of where you will be in the woods and stick to your schedule, go home when you told them you'd be home.  The worst thing that can happen is for you to get injured or lost and no one have any idea where you are or when to expect you back.

Do you know how to use a compass?  If not, you should learn.  Even if you have GPS, batteries go dead & tree canopy can block signal.  It's easy to get turned around, anyone who's spent anytime in the woods has gotten lost, including myself.

If you have more specific questions, ask away!  I'm sure there are more people on this board than just me who have spent a lot of time in the woods.  I'll be glad to help if I can. ;)


Wow I think it would be easier to list whats not taken. Our big trips are elk hunting, which last three weeks in the middle of a National forest and we get ridiculous on what we bring. I have even seen some camps with home made hot tubs(seems kinda freaky when typing it), but after a day of humpin' the hills all day it actually sounds like a good idea. What kind of hunting are you planning? How long? and whats is your area and climate like? Because your gonna have a ton of variables?

I am a newbie to hunting as well. Several people here have been kind enough to give me pointers and advice. Some have directed me to this wonderful resource called the internet where I can pull up video on the topic.  :D However, most of my training will have to center around cleaning, gutting, and what kind of ammo to use, appropriate seasons for hunting various animals, ect. I spent most of my youth playing around in the woods. Compass is a must and a map. I would recommend at least those, and gear to keep you warm, shelter, and tools to make fire...oh and some food, and a head lamp. You know what? Bring enough stuff to camp with if you are planning over night, but at least those things I mentioned for the day. You never know what can happen.

No real plans yet. I am thinking of taking squirrels on the family property as this would teach me a few basic quick from my understand. I need to check out the land though it has been a while and we got a guy running cattle out there, gets us the agro tax break on property taxes. Right now I am bogged down with my last year of university and a job.

I am also curious about processing. I want to acquire the skill as my Grandpa knew it. He never took meat to somebody else for processing. I see this as a useful preparedness skill to know. So you can say I want to learn as much as possible on all fronts.

FYI: I live in Texas so I am thinking small game, deer, and hogs. 

Thanks for everything thus far!

Oh and no I do not know anybody. :(


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