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Guided Hunt In Colorado


Not sure if I should post this here for in the region thread.  I overheard my Hubby and his father talking about how cool it would be to hunt in Colorado. We have rv'd and camped their, just the touristy stuff but they have been a few time.  With their 40th/60th birthdays coming up, I would like to arrange a trip for them. Just the two of them, bonding, men in the woods sort of trip.

Any suggestions on where I should start gathering information?

That's the fun part.  ;D . . .  Probably the easiest way to interview a lot of guides, and I suggest you do, is go to a lcoal Sportsmans Expo.  Here out west you'll start seeing them at expo centers and fairgrounds in large cities from about January to March.  The bigger the show the more exibitors you'll get a chance to talk to.  Don't limit yourself to talking just to guides either.  If another exibitor is in the business of hunting (ie tent manufacturer, custom rifle manufacturer, etc.), they can turn you toward people their clients like to use or that they've used themselves.

The tough part is that there are a lot of poor quality guides and often the ones who do the most advertising are the ones who need to do the most advertising. . . . .  Get references, references, references. . . .  And proof of life, or lack of (pictures), if you get my drift.

Don't go picking one half cocked, take your time. . . .  Know your budget and figure out what that will get you.  Have an idea where you want to hunt (conditions and terrain).  Have an idea what you expect for meals and housing.  Know whether they want to pack in (horses or mules), hike in, ATV in, or drive a truck up to an animal and shoot it (they won't tell their buddies they chose that of course).  Know whether they want a trophy or just the experience, a trophy will cost some coin and your individual guide (if not the person you contracted with) will expect a healthy tip (from a few hundred, up to the cost they paid for the trip).

What do they want to hunt?


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