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Help with gear for quail hunting

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I met a guy at my church who said he'll take me quail hunting this year. I'm pretty stoked as I've never gone hunting before but have wanted to start. He's been going every year forever so I'm hoping to have a good time maybe bring back a bird or two.

What gear should I get? I don't want to buy the best most amazing stuff because (while I doubt it) I may hate this and never want to do it again. I don't want to go gearless and not enjoy myself as much as I could because I'm limited.

He said all I really need is a bird vest and shells. Is there anything else I should consider? And any vest recommendations? I see them ranging in price from $30 upwards of $200. Can I get by with a $30 vest for my first time or would it be worth it to spend a little more?

Comfortable boots, preferably water proof. Good wool socks.

A vest doesn't need to be fancy. Bear in mind you will likely be stuffing dead birds in the back.

Vest, shotgun, shells, boots - you're pretty well covered.


--- Quote from: thewarriorhunter on August 03, 2014, 03:34:37 PM ---I may hate this and never want to do it again.
--- End quote ---

Good luck with that.  :o

You don't need much, keep it simple and comfortable. . . .  joeinnw covered it. . . .  That's said, you don't even need a vest.

The first time I went upland bird hunting I was worried about the brush and over dressed and sweated for the first half... Remember if you are moving around a lot it won't take much in the way of insulation. I would just grab a cheap vest and some shells and go get after it!


Thanks guys. I don't expect it will be too wet since we're in the desert and I have a decent pair of shoes. Boots are on my list but I haven't gotten around to getting them. I'll probably get an inexpensive vest so I have something to carry shells in and (hopefully) stuff birds into.


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