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The Survival Podcast

DATE:        March 2, 2012



So it is Friday and we have some calls today on some great stuff.  Today we hear about wind generators, Willy’s Jeeps, career shifts, building a business during a recession, hugelkulture, self defense, green houses and more.
Remember to be on a show like this one just pick up your phone and call866-65-THINK.  The best way to improve your chances of being on the air is ask your question or make your point up front, then provide details.  Also call from a quite area with a good connection and speak up so you can be well heard.  I can’t put all calls on the air but I do my best to get most of them on.
Join Us Today as we Discuss…
Moving to a new job in the same company
Building hugelkulture beds and termite concerns
Saving money when buying eyeglasses and eyeglass redundancy
Another listener advises us to carry pepper spray
Why you should always keep a med kit in your vehicle
Is anything about prepping illegal
Thoughts on pop up style greenhouses
The Willy’s jeep and why a CJ may be better than a mil surp version
Converting 12 to 24 VDC with a wind generator and the gotchas to watch out for
An ounce of silver leads to a question on building a business
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Jack Spirko: Now we have another question coming up. For this one I am just going to tell you now, so that I don't have to put another little piece of me in the middle. I am going to play it. It is on windmills and 24 volt and 12 volt conversions. The answer is going to come from... You guessed it, Mister Electric Avenue, Steven Harris from Here we go.


Ron: Hey Jack, this is Ron out in North Dakota. I got a question for you. I was thinking of building a wind generator and making it run 12 volts, but everything seems to be 12 volts.I was wondering if you could take a 12 volt battery and put an inverter on the battery. Then run 2 of those systems in series  with a 24 volt generator. If you knew if that would work or would there be some sort of electrical imbalance. Maybe one of our illustrious guests would have an answer to that. Thanks a lot. Appreciate it. Love the show. Bye.


Steven Harris: Jack, this is Steve Harris of I am one of your guests as everyone knows. I have the question from the gentleman who had wanted to hookup his 24 volt wind generator to two batteries in series. 24 volts from the wind generator going to a 12 volt battery in series with an other 12 volt battery. The difficulty in this is that most inverters run off 12 volts. His question was can he put a 12 volt inverter across one battery and another 12 volt inverter across the other battery. So that they are isolated and he has one 12 volt inverter running off of each 12 volt battery, for two inverters total. The answer is yes you can do this. But it is just like the movie Ghost Busters, do not cross the streams or bad things will happen. In this case you do not want to cross the grounds. You do not what the metal case of one inverter to touch the metal case of another inverter. You do not what the ground of one object to touch the ground of the other object. This is pretty much something you are not going to have to worry about too much because most things you are going to be running off of it are going to be like little compact florescent bulbs, LED bulbs, iPhone chargers, USB chargers, little AA battery chargers, and stuff like that. If they cross... If you have a metal inverter on one battery and metal inverter on the other battery, what is going to happen is that you are immediately going to short the 12 volts which is ground of one over to the real ground of the other one. You are going to get all sorts of nice pretty fireworks. I mean arcs, sparks, fire... cats and dogs living with each other and all that other type of stuff. Yes you can do it. You can do it with 36 volts or 48 volts. Any interval of 12 volts you can hook up the inverter to it. The other things is that you really want the inverters running at about the same load. So that they are drawing off the batteries evenly. You are doing some charging on one and running some LED lights on the other and stuff like that. You don't want to hook up your refrigerator to the bottom inverter and just start having it chugging along. It is really going to draw down that one battery a lot quicker. One of the other options if you wanted to do this to split things up. You could just disconnect from the wind generator, put them in free space and use them with there respective inverters in their individual application. I hope this answers the question. Just remember, "Don't cross the streams" or don't cross your grounds or you will going to have really bad things happen. Yes this is something you can do. For those of you with 24 volt diesel trucks, the same trick works on the diesel trucks. Just don't let the inverts touch the sheet metal or the engine metal of the vehicle, or you will get arcs and sparks. Thanks so much, see you guys later. Remember these show notes and our discounts for MSB, always become a MSB member, are at We still have our super book deal going on up there for the 3 pack solar books for heating your house, only for Survival Podcast people, and the MSB discount does apply. Thanks Jack and everyone listening. See you when I am on the next show in early April. Bye.