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Elk hunting

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You might want to look into the NRA Whittington Center, near Raton, NM.

I don't hunt, so I don't know how their prices and conditions compare.  I have been there, though - and it is a fantastic place!


--- Quote from: David in MN on February 28, 2014, 09:06:57 AM ---Don't want to be rude, but you might do better close to home.

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We have so many elk here at the farm. We see tracks and poo all the time. We have tracks and poo 40 feet from the house. In a years time, do you know how many we have actually seen in person? Zero. We see lots of deer though.



--- Quote from: joeandmich on February 28, 2014, 05:18:53 AM ---Can anyone recommend a decent guided Elk Hunting company?
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I've heard a lot of horror stories about terrible experiences with outfitter's.  That said, the best way to find a good outfitter is by way of mouth from someone who's used one and had a good hunt.  Keep in mind that a "good hunt" isn't simply described as harvesting an animal.  This is going to be an exspensive vacation and you want to make sure you get your moneys worth in every way.

Second best way would be to go talk to them at a Sportmans's Expo, but you're a little late in the year for that, I think most of them end in March.

Actually I am planning for an Elk hunt in my 5 year plan before I turn 55. The reason i chose elk is because whitetail deer is plentiful in most states. I have family in Tennessee and friends in South Carolina I could just visit and go hunting with them. I'm new to hunting and started in Florida which is difficult to hunt in since the overgrowth is causes you to make enough noise to wake up the dead. Most deer I've seen here are usually only when hunting season is closed. I've taken a few shots at some deer during hunting season but its usually at dusk and hard to see. I've never managed to to bag one but still enjoy the experience of stalking. I don't like tree stands because its boring and my legs fall asleep.

I've eaten elk before and found it to be wonderful meat. Kill one of those and you and your family get to eat for a year. I have a buddy who is a big game hunter but he never invites me (probably thinks I'll jinx him).

What I need from you guys is outfitter suggestions anywhere in the USA that can get me an elk. Would love to hing the antlers out on my outdoor bed.



Getting ready to take off for elk hunting.  The anticipation is killing me.  My Uncle is going to join my brother and I this year.  He and I will leave early so that we can get some 'just camping' time in, as well as time to show him around so that he can plan his own hunts.  He's partially disabled so the majority of his hunts will be close to wherever he can get his Polaris side-by-side to.  It will be fun showing him around in that.  The area is chalked full of old roads and designated ATV trails.


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