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Back Yard Bunny

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I was out on the porch talking to a work friend (Who I got into TSP) when I spied the rabbit who has been sniffing around my garden containers. She has been tempting me for a month. Finally I dragged my grandfather's .22 out of the safe. (This is the rifle 3 generations have learned to shoot with)

One round of CCI .22 CB Short landed her into my dinner pot. This is the first “wild” rabbit I have eaten. (I am used to farm raised bunnys)  It is not a month that ends with an "R" but her liver was clean.

Oh and my titanium nitrated coated scissors were not match for bones (after they have served me for a year and cut Kevlar!)

Yes I probably cant shoot in my AO, but my shot was quieter that a motorcycle starting, or someone's TV.

"Viking" you better chime in cause you are getting the vac sealed bits!

That's a good looking bunny it will look even better on my plate in a few nights. ;D

T Kehl:
Ha that's great!  I'm not the only one!

I'm planning to take some tree rats once they are in season to keep them out of my garden.  We are just overrun with them!

as long as you cook it properly you should be good.


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