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I have decided to get into hunting with a compound bow, and I could use some help on where to start with selecting a bow (brand, model, etc).  I currently hunt deer with a rifle, and my plan is to purchase a bow, spend the next year or so practicing and getting better and then starting to hunt with it next deer season...

Pertinent information - I have some basic experience with compound bows, but not a ton. I am 6 feet tall with a 75 inch wingspan and a medium build.  I am also left handed.  I would like to stay around $500 for a "hunt ready" bow...and with everything else, I am open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

Jim H:
Four quick questions:

What are you planning to hunt? (deer, hog, elk, etc.)
Where are you planning to hunt? (woods, mountains, ranch, etc.)
How are you planning to hunt (tree stand, blind, stalking, etc.)
How was the weight of bow you shot before? (did it seem light/heavy)

On being left handed, are you left eye dominant? Not always the case, my older son is left handed/right eye dominant and my younger son is right handed/left eye dominant. Your anchor point needs to be at your dominant eye or you'll be all over the target.

Biggest mistake down here in Florida is getting too heavy a bow - the most popular deer hunting weight sold in the shops I frequent is 70#, which is overkill when a modern 55# compound goes in and out no problem. That 70# can cost you the shot if the deer looks up and you have to hold it at full draw until he puts his head back down.

That being said, I'll admit I shoot a "too heavy" bow for Florida deer - a Hoyt Matrix 70-80 I have set at 70#. But I also use it to clear hogs off farms when guns can't be used (foaling season) and plan to head out to the Rocky Mountains after elk first chance I get.

Thanks for the suggestions and tips.  I ended up going with a lefthanded Bowtech Assassin set at 60#.  I am left handed and left eye dominant and I will be hunting whitetail deer in North West Georgia.

So far the bow is treating me very well.  I have been practicing pretty regularly for about 9 months and can consitently group arrows within 2 inches at up to 30 yards from various positions.  I have been scouting some WMA land near where I live for the past several weeks and I am going to starting hunting it within the next 2 weeks (bow season started here in GA this past Saturday). 

Wish me luck!! :)


Jim H:
60# is plenty enough to do the job and 2" at 30 will get the job done. Actually, that's pretty good shooting.

Only two additional things I'd practice. First is a slow, smooth, quiet draw as if you were trying not to spook a deer.

Second is holding at full draw when the deer busts you. Best way I've found is with a friend. Draw on a target and hold at full draw. When your friend says to immediately release. Works best if your friend randomly changes times anywhere between 3 and 30 seconds.

Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Those are great suggestions....thanks!!  And a +1 on Karma for you as well.... :D


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