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Hog Hunting on Friday Night....

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I will be going hog hunting on Friday night. Haven't been out in awhile. I have "orders" for two hogs at the moment....see what the boy and I can do. These two families can really use the meat....wish us luck.

Good luck Layerman, just out of curiosity, what kind of rifle are you using?

good shooting...

God Speed!

oh yeah, what are you using?

What state?

i would like to try here in California but got not clue.

I have used about every type of firearm known to shoot hogs. I retire my rifles from hog hunting when they account for 50 hogs, that is usually about 2 years worth. I figure there are tens of thousands of rifles in closets etc....that have never killed 50 game animals....and it's a good excuse to buy a new rifle!

Currently I am using a 16" 7.62x39 Russian Saiga with a 4x scope and a Surefire 9v mounted on the side rail of the scope mount. It is nearly the perfect rifle for hog hunting.

It is short- we hunt out of blinds and vehicles frequently, adequately powerful- hit them right and you don't need a bazooka, cheap to shoot- I use Barnaul 154 grain soft points (no reloading, no looking for brass after the shot), it has adequate capacity- I really like the 10 round mags- not too long and hanging up on everything but enough to really get some lead out when you run into 10-20 hogs or they are running- Hey I miss sometimes when shooting in the dark at running hogs, what can I say? Relatively inexpensive- not now, but when I bought this rifle they were $269 wholesale.....Easy to load and unload- drop the mag and pop out one round from the chamber. In many sporting rifles it's a PITA to unload the rifle, cycling shells through the action etc....

My current rig represents 15 years of searching for the "perfect" hog rifle, probably close to 300 dead hogs worth of research.... and I think I have found it. I run about 50% success on hogs which is pretty good based on what I see from other guys etc....We take probably 60-70 a year off our place in total between me, my boys and my hunting buddy. We find "homes" for as many as we can, the rest we drag to a corner of the field for coyote bait......I have "orders" for two right now from folks at my Church, when I get these filled I will probably quit hunting for the summer- gets hot, damn bugs are bad and the meat spoils so quickly it makes it pretty tough to do much with them.

Post up some pics if you get 'er done. ;D

Good luck!


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