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Turkeys in my front yard....(pic)

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Must be nice when the food comes to you...

You aren't looking for roommates or renting rooms are you?  :D

Yes, thats our land to the far white web fence where the other turkeys are. 40 acres in all surrounded by ag land and pine. We have lots of 'visitors' including coyote, fox, and occasional bobcat, cougar, and other small game. There have been a few deer harvested here, but never any turkeys. With luck I'll take one this year.
We moved to this area about 12 years ago, it is known as Sportsman's Paradise {Goldendale WA}


--- Quote from: RiderX on March 31, 2009, 08:21:12 AM ---Oh, and by the way... This is the same spot in my front yard this winter, taken from my front window. (Making space in my freezer).

--- End quote ---

You gotta be kidding me?!
As far as the birds are concerned. rangers I know will see "backyard to dinner pot" as kosher. Withing reason that is.

That or get some saltlicks going and attract wild life!

Wow looks like fun.  Good company with the morning coffee


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