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Turkeys in my front yard....(pic)

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Well, there are 2 weeks to go till the season opens. And these guys have been strutting through every few days. The weather has been kinda crummy, but I'm going to try to start calling them in the mornings soon. They like to stroll right by my archery target! LOL!

Oh, and by the way... This is the same spot in my front yard this winter, taken from my front window. (Making space in my freezer).

LOL! If only they knew how close to death they all had come! Laws Laws Laws! Good Hunting!

Louisiana Suvivor:
seems like you have a nice patch of land. just wait till no ones worrying about the laws then you'll have that freezer packed!

So is that your land on the other side of the fence?
If so great.
If not, get to calling!


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