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Elk turds

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Thought of something my brother an I do when we are elk hunting. As soon as we find some fresh elk turds we walk in it to help mask our scent. Try to get it all over the bottom and sides of your boots. Works very well but make sure you take off your shoes before entering the house. Nothing worse than a wife upset about all the elk turds you are tracking around in the house. Good hunting.

I used to hunt with a crazy old man who would pick up slimy new elk turds, wipe them in his beard, then stick them in his pocket to save for later.  The same pocket he kept his lemon drops in.  At the end of the day he would pull out a lemon drop, make a show of brushing it off, and offer it to me.  Each time I refused, and each time he would pop it in his mouth.


I guess he did not want the elk to smell his breath.


That's cool....When one of my sons was young he would good elk hunting with me...I told him one day to stop every so often and pick up a turd and squeeze it between his fingers to check for freshness. that way he could estimate how old the track was. Well, every time I turned around he has some turd he was checking for freshness. Finally I had to tell him to just check once in awhile not every time he saw one. Later on in life he figured out I was teasing him but is was good for a laugh.

An old timers trick up here in the Rockies was to start a nice fire at night. Then the next morning when you got some good coals to throw a fresh cut branch of pine needles on the coals. While it is steaming and popping stand in the smoke and jump though it. The pine sent will get on you and mask your sent. Also a buddy of mine sticks pine needles in his boots at night to sit in there and soak up the sent also for the walking of the boots with wear the sent off faster.

I know I like the pine needle way better than the rubbing turds all over me and I know for sure the home life will be better.

My dogs are all wolf-hybreds roll in elk turds when they are trying to stalk them. It makes my tent smell bad enough so I will skip the turd my self.


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