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VIDEO: A fast and easy bushcraft chair


Just a quick video I made about a quick and easy bushcraft type camp seat. Hope you enjoy it!

Thats pretty damn sweet. I have to try that one out later this spring.

It is pretty cool, if you can get two trees close enough together you can make two and then use them to make a bed of sorts to get you off the ground. Also, with a well placed plastic bag it makes a pretty nice toilet lol

Yeah that's great, Quick and easy...might even find a couple support pieces with branches that you could use to hold the cross seat piece... no tying necessary.

Olympic Wanderer:
There's another technique that I really like: Using a catfood/dogfood bag.
Open up both ends and run a a pair of sticks through and secure on either side of a pair of trees or tripod or whatever else you can spread them with.
Makes an awesome comfy seat or use a couple bags as a cot.


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