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Does anyone get their children involved with any survivalist subjects? We live in an apartment, we each have our own bugout bag, emegency plans, and even grow a liberty garden on the deck. What other ideas are there? I am looking for creative gifts for the kiddos.

Sister Wolf:
Try Liberty's Kids for starters.  They should learn from whom they spawned, and why they are becoming prepared, and I've been told Liberty's Kids is the best way.

Great, Great idea.....get the children involved as soon as possible without frightening them...make it fun and serious at the same time. (balance?)  I like the idea of children being involved and participating. Helps them not be so afraid.

My oldest (12) is old enough to be interested in what is going on and why.  She was very interested in last year's election and that whole process.  My eight year old just is happy go lucky and just takes stuff as it comes.  We've discussed why it is important to understand how to live on our own and take care of ourselves.  Part of it is just because if we take care of ourselves (physical and mental health, economically, etc.), we are less like to be taken in by the wrong things and we can save money.  It helps that my girls love to hunt, fish and catch bugs along with gardening.

One day when my 3 yr. old grandson were watching Disney channel a service annoucement for making a backpack for small children and letting them help.  Jacob picked right up on it and had me help him get
it together. He is very grown but he wanted to over pack it with candy and toys :D  I showed him my BOB
and began weeding out his bag so he could actually carry it.  Since that time I have seen the information on Sesame street and commercials for a 72 hour bag often.

I think children should be invovled for their age group. We take all the kids camping and they fish, help gather wood
to start fires and love to hike.  We have evening where we just play board game or draw instead of setting in front of a
video game.  I know it's a lifestyle but I want them to grow into it gradually for their mental health.


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