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How many here are doing leatherwork?

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Hey Rip...could you make a quick post on what kind of leather you use?  I've tried a couple times to form leather and just haven't had much luck.  I suspect it's the crappy leather I have laying around my shop, but I'll be damned if I can find much information on what the difference in different leathers are.

I'm just getting started myself and he Tandy Leather website and stores have been great sources of information for beginners.  Basic information about different thicknesses of leather and how they're used along with classes and DVDs available.

You will probably want a vet tanned leather if you are molding I shaping it. Latigo, oil sides, and chrome tanned don't mold well. 
For my holsters I use wickett and craig brand split to 8 oz. It works for 90% of what I build for customers.
So chrome tanned is a no no for holsters. It will damage the bluing on guns. Use veg tan.

Anyone got any pics to show yet?
Also, that should read Veg- tanned in my last post, not vet tanned...


I do some leatherworking as part of my historical reproductions business. Not really into making fancy drawings and ornaments on it, I keep it simple and rustic. Mostly making sheaths for the knives I make, leather-covering wooden knife and sword scabbards, making belts with my forged buckles, belt pouches, historical footwear and such. Made myself couple holsters for my CCWs, but I prefer kydex.
You can see some pics of my products when searching for "customhistory" on G+ or facebook.


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