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Fishing Gear for the Long Haul/After SHTF

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Hey folks - wondering what people thought the best fishing gear would be for post SHTF scenario?
I would think the this would be a rod, reel, line, lure setup that is:
-highly durable
-fixable with parts available to stock up on and mendable in the field (expedition fishing style gear)
-packable for travel...

I have little fishing experience so this is huge help!

i have a pocket fisherman it has a tackle box built into the handle. i havent used it yet, but looking forward to soon.

I'm not a big fisherman either.  1 or two times per summer if I'm lucky.  But I think that equipment centering on aquiring natural bait might be better than a lure.  I have a lot of luck using live bait instead of expensive lures.  Sure I buy one every now and then, but I get the most strikes with natural bait.  So I'm thinking that minnow traps, electrodes for night crawlers, etc...might be better than a lure.  I think lures might work better in the hands of the experienced, but just a guess.

Also in a SHTF scenario I'm not gonna be too worried 'bout Mr. DNR citing me for multiple lines, or snagging salmon, or running a fish trap.  Having 10 lines with hooks and a meal worm tied to a floating coke bottle it cheap.  10 decked out rod / real combos with lures and such adds up fast.

Red Dog:
From a durability stand point it's hard to beat an Ugly Stik, as a rule fiberglass rods are less fragile than graphite.  From a reel standpoint I prefer spinning reels but they are more susceptible to problems although I think easier to repair.

For post SHTF, I'll be using limb lines, trot lines, jug fishing, yo-yo's, gill nets, drugs like rotenone, dynamite if it's handy, etc.

After a major breakdown the rules will definitely get re-arranged and game and fish laws will rank below keeping me and mine fed (in my book anyway). Also sitting on a creek bank with a fishing pole would be much too time consuming when time may be at a premium. Just my .02


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