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Camo pattern for eastern Washington?

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Heavy G:
I am starting to coyote hunt in eastern Washington.  It's arid like eastern Oregon or maybe parts of Montana.  (People think "Washington" and think "rain." Not so when the clouds coming east dump their contents on the Cascade mountains before passing over eastern Washington.)

Camo is pretty important for coyotes.  I plan on setting up around a tree (there aren't many out there but some) or a creek bed.

I'm thinking regular woodland camo patterns like Mossy Oak or Real Tree will be just fine.  That is, I don't need true desert patterns since the grassland and shrub around me might be largely brown but I'm hiding in tree areas so a little green would be good.

What do y'all think?

Also, any thoughts on layering or the weight of the clothes?  By that I mean I plan on getting some warm weather pants and a warm weather shirt for late spring through early fall.  For colder weather, I plan on using underliners with these warm weather pants and then a medium insulation jacket for the top. 

I don't want to be a typical city boy and go spend some money on impractical clothes.  I want to be practical. 

Layering is the way to go. 

As far as what colors to buy...I'm not familiar with eastern WA but in general any earth tone with some pattern to it should be fine.  You don't need to go spend a fortune on camouflage clothing.  Think plaids with varying sized designs, some of the best camo are old wool shirts in plaid colors.  For colors think tans, grays, dull greens, even red & blue work with some species.  It's going to depend somewhat on how the animal you're hunting sees the different light spectrum's.

I know accomplished hunters who don't wear "camouflage" at all.  They hunt in tweeds, plaids & the various dull colored clothing I mentioned.  I personally use very little modern camouflage when I hunt.  Modern day camouflage, while effective is more of a marketing gimmick aimed at followers of the "hunting industry".

Understand how the animal you're hunting sees it's world, & that will give you some perspective on how to dress for the occasion.

A buddy of mine and I are planning a coyote hunting trip out to Eastern Oregon later this month.  As far as what I'm planning on wearing...I only have Mossy Oak Breakup and Duckblind camo.  So I'll wear the basic Breakup pattern and find a nice tree or shrub to blend in with.  But this will be my first time hunting coyote.

I will let you know how it goes.

NW Martster:

Sorry couldn't pass it up.

Which part of Eastern Washington?  Northern, Mid or Southern.

Mid and Southern very grassy.  North timber and mountains.

Heavy G:

--- Quote from: NW Martster on April 29, 2009, 08:46:03 PM ---

Sorry couldn't pass it up.

Which part of Eastern Washington?  Northern, Mid or Southern.

Mid and Southern very grassy.  North timber and mountains.

--- End quote ---

Very nice.  LOL on that one. 

Mid eastern Washington around Moses Lake.

I'm liking the Mossy Oak Brush, especially for eastern Washington:

I actually got Mossy Oak Breakup but that's fine.  I figure I should spend time actually hunting instead of shopping. 


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