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Which two tools would you take

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Can't answer without additional information. What kind of wilderness? Tropic, subarctic, desert...? For how long? Am I trying to get out of there, or do I keep hiding there...? Is it just me and the nature, or are there other people? If so, are they friends or enemies?
Based on various circumstances, my answer could be anywhere from "axe and lighter" to "AK and bayonet"

This is the problem faced on Naked and Afraid.  You can have two items when you really need at least 3, preferably 5 items.  The result is suffering and drama and that is what they want for a TV show.  Based on the show the most important items are a big knife and a cooking pot. 

Dave Cantabury has his 5 Cs list.  This is really the minimum for survival in the woods.

cutting tool- knife or axe.
combustion device-fire steel
covering device- wool blanket or tarp
container- stainless steel pot
cordage- tar line or para-cord.

If your fire starting skills are rock solid you could skip the combustion device.  If you ever watch the primitive survival you tube channel then you have seen him do amazing things with clay like making pots.  This could be your container if you have the skill to do this and start a fire.  Problem is if you need to boil water then you have limited time to make a container. Cordage can also be made with primitive  things found in the woods. A covering device could be made from animal skins if you have the skill to hunt large animals and tan leather with primitive materials.

I think you have to take the big knife.  It can be used to make other tools.  An axe is tempting especially if you are in a cold climate and need a lot of wood. The next question is do you need to boil water or stay warm in order to survive.  If it is hot and you need water fast take the pot.  If it is cold take a wool blanket.


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