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what to pack???

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well im a 31yr single full time dad in oregon and not sure what to girl is 9yr and i do good so far with her but not sure what things to pack in a bug out bag for her.most people around here think in nuts.just trying to get things reddy.thank you

What do you have to far?
If you can let us know that maybe we can add to the list.

Since you didn't list anything:

Food - I doubt that MRE's would go over very well for a kid. Energy type bars that she might like. (Have her try some out beforehand)
          Gum, crackers, pop-tarts, cheese, *peanut butter* (caution with this one), jelly (packets like you get in restaurants) can spaghetti ? (be sure to have a can opener)
Clothes - consider weather changes.  Also, it wouldn't hurt to have some a size larger - just in case you forget to rotate. A supply of underwear, socks.
Toys/games (keep her busy, amused)
Some form of ID - and pictures of family with names/ages. Location/phone #s of other family members.
Hair bands? Barrettes. Comb/brush
Wet wipes, small bottle of shampoo(?)
Sleeping bag/blanket/pillow(?)
Suntan lotion/ bug repellent

I can't think of anything else right now, but, I'm sure others will contribute.
Best of luck.
Also, it wouldn't hurt to "practice" bugouts/camping with her.

I would add some sturdy shoes for her, most kids don't own boots.

What is she into? Depending on what her interests are I would definitely consider packing something that engages her already. If she doesn't have an MP3 player I should get a battery operated one and load it up with audiobooks as they can help with temporary escapism. A soccer ball if she's into sports. Things of that nature.

If she has a pet I would try and pack it as well. :)

If you haven't done a packing exercise yet I would put it to her, ask her what she would pack if she was going on a week-long trip. Ask her why she would pack each of those things and if they seem really important as she describes them then make room in the bag for them. Just remember to reevaluate, girls change a lot in the tweens.

Way to go single dad!


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