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How To Post A Photo To The Forum

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Click "Profile" up top in the button bar, and then click "Forum Profile Information" under "Modify Profile" on the left. This will bring up the option to specify an url where your avatar picture is located or to upload a picture to the forum server.

thank you so much for your help, i couldnt figure it out, ed

for flickr, you need the BBCode, not the HTML

I am using Piscasa and trying to upload a picture and having problems.  Can anyone help me?  Thanks folks!

Alpha Mike:
Piscasa -  once you have uploaded your pictures to a folder, you need to open that folder view to change the security settings.  In the upper right hand corner (under the date & photo count), there is a link that brings up a box where you can set the view access to "private", "any one with link", or "everyone".   You can just pick the "anyone with link". 

Then you click/select on the specific picture you want to link to.  On the right hand side there is a "link to this picture" hyperlink.  Clicking on it brings up a couple of options for you to select. 

Check the "image only(no link)" box.  Select the size of photo you want to post (I find either of the mediums work well)

Copy and past the Embed image link between the HTML code         [ img ]embedded image link[ /img ]       (without the spaces between the brackets)

You can check how the picture looks by hitting the preview post button.


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