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Title: EPISODE-860- LISTENER CALLS 3-16-12
Post by: Hootie on June 10, 2014, 11:57:50 AM
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DATE:        March 16, 2012



So it is Friday and we have some calls today on some great stuff.  Today we hear about open carry, protesting, precious metals, tornadoes, libertarianism, entrepreneurship, prepping on the road, election cycles and how they effect the stock market, livestock and financial advisers.
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Join Us Today as we Discuss…
My thoughts on open carry
Thoughts on filming demonstrations and protests
Thoughts on passive solar heating of a work shop
In a libertarian government who would pay for national defense
One family reports on the recent tornado outbreak
Silver or gold or both on a current bullion buy
Starting a business in the firearms niche
Thoughts on being a traveler and modern “hunter gatherer”
When do you retire laying hens
What was different about 2008 from other election years
Picking a financial adviser
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“Revolution is You” by Gregg Yows

Title: Re: EPISODE-860- LISTENER CALLS 3-16-12
Post by: Hootie on June 10, 2014, 11:58:02 AM


Prepper9: Hi Jack, this is Prepper9. I live in central Washington. I am thinking of building a shop. I am trying to look at alternative ways to heat it. I am thinking about the evacuated tubes solar collectors for about $900 or so. I am thinking about putting one of those on the roof with a 12 volt solar pump system to heat the floor. My question is, if you are not circulating that through the floor will those things have an issue if they get too hot? Will they build up pressure with the glycol mix in there and cause the tubes to crack or anything? Anyways I have another question too about a little liberalism. Myself and a bunch of guys go Man Camping in the back of our property every winter in December. My wife's girlfriend came out there. drinking a bottle of Carlo Rossi. She had a little too much to drink and started telling all of us that we are Libertarians. That was before we knew more about it. The only question I got is how does a government provide a military in a libertarian situation. If everyone has got everyone back then what about the big guns, because not one person is going to say, "Hey I will buy the nukes to defend our country." Thanks a lot and thanks for your show. Have a good one.


Jack Spirko: That is a two part question, isn't it? The first part is on passive solar heating. As you guys know I have been working hard to put together a panel of experts. That panel of experts includes Tim Glance for Old Grouch Military Surplus on military vehicles, bug out vehicles, and prep vehicles. It includes Steven Harris on this type of subject right here. Paul Wheaton has joined as the Permaculture expert, when it is something I think he can do a better job of with than me. And Darby Simpson who you will be hearing later from today on some question on specifically pastured poultry, livestock, and things. Because he lives that life and he is doing that. Those are the first four members of the panel. I am going to defer the first part of this question to Steven Harris, Mister Electric Avenue himself, Guru of all things alternative energy. I will let Steve answer that and I will come back with an answer on the libertarian question.


Steven Harris: Hi Jack, this is Steve Harris of Calling in to answer the question for the guy in Central Washington that wants to heat his shop with evacuated solar hot water tubes. And to run the hot water into the heating system into the cement floor of his shop. First what is an evacuated solar tube? It is a glass tube inside of a glass tube. The back of the inner tube is black. There is a vacuum in between both of the tubes. It is like shining sunshine into a thermos bottle full of water. You get all the sunshine in but you get very little loss because there is a vacuum between the two tubes. You get low heat loss but high heat quality and it heat the water up. It is like a thermos but you can flow the water through the thing. First about solar evacuated tubes. It is like solar Fresnel lens. Get this through your head. It is not a damn light saber that is going to make some infinite amount of energy. You are not putting this thing on your roof and saying, "Luke, use the sun." A person in a dark mask and cape is not going to walk by your shop look at the solar on your roof and say, "The sun is strong in this one." It has got no more energy hitting those solar tubes than basically the amount of sunshine that hits your chest on a sunny day. It is a long thin tube. Take all that surface area and stretch it out. It would be about the size of the amount of sunshine that hits your chest. You are not going to need just one tube to try to heat your place. You are going to need a lot of tubs. As I am going to illustrate, you are going to need more tubes than you can possibly think. The tubes do make 200 degree Fahrenheit water, 200, 212, or 220 with glycol. It will make hot water. You might think that 200 degree water is good, but it is not. 200 degree water sucks. It sucks bad. There is a little thing in thermodynamics... don't let your eyes glaze over. It is called Delta T, it means the difference in temperature. As in the higher in the a difference in temperature, the faster you loose it. You take a red hot poker and you put it in a hot fire and it gets red hot, right? You pull it out and you hold it in the air. You look at it and you see how fast red hot color goes away. It fades away really quickly. That is because the high the difference in the temperature, in this case between the poker and air, the quicker the heat gets transferred away. Guess what, this works in your solar hot water heater as well as a red hot poker. What you want to do with solar is you want to heat air. You want solar hot air. Air goes from the building into the heater. The sunshine heats it. It heats it up to about 90 or 95 degree Fahrenheit. Then it gets blown or dumped right back into your shop. Hot air going directly into the building. No heat exchanges required. The air goes in, gets heated, and get dumped back in. With solar hot what your need to have at least 140 degree (Fahrenheit) water to make an effective heat exchange. Remember you need to have temperature difference to get heat exchange. You can't take 90 degree (Fahrenheit) water and get good 70 degree (Fahrenheit) heat off of it. You got to have 140 degree (Fahrenheit) water as a rule of thumb. This goes into a heat exchanges, in this case pipes. Pipes under the concrete flow. Then that heat must go from the water to the pipes, then from the pipes to the concrete, and then to the air. Thus every time it goes from one item to another you have more of a heat loss. If you have all that hot water going from the evaluated tubes in the roof into the insulated pipes, again insulated pipes, going from the roof down to the floor. You got really hot water, 200 degree (Fahrenheit) water. What does that 200 degree (Fahrenheit) water red hot poker want to do? It wants to loose as much heat on the way from the roof down to the floor as it possibly can. Heating hot air to 90 to 95 degree (Fahrenheit), not hotter. Then transferring the hot air can be three to four time more efficient. That is three to four times more than solar hot water. That is right. You need three to four times the surface area of evacuated tubes, costing many hundreds of dollars each, than you would need if you just heated the air with solar and dumped it back into the building. Instead of having a hundred square feet of solar hot air for heating solar hot air. You need to have three to four hundred square feet of evacuated tubes making hot water to heat your building. Gee, the novelty of these evacuated tubes if falling off quickly, doesn't it? It only takes two pieces of flat glass and a black wooden box to heat hot air, not evacuated tubes. Then you have the floor its self. People that think that it is really easy and sexy to run pipe through the concrete floor, then to heat it up, and use it to heat a building. The truth is that your are heating up tons and tons of concrete before it even starts to heat the air up in the building. What is this concrete sitting on? The earth or ground. The earth is the worlds largest heat sink in the world... Well it is the world. Enough sunshine falls on the earth in a few minutes to power everything on the entire planet for a full year. What does the earth do with all this heat from the sun? It absorbs it, all the sunshine. What do you think is going to happen when you get sunshine that hits your evacuated tubes, heat up the water, the water flows through the pipes, looses more heat, going into the pipes in the concrete, and heats up the concrete that is sitting on the earth. You got it, a lot of that damn heat is going to go into the earth, into the planet, and into the ground. Not into your building. If you have hot water heat in your concrete floor, you better darn well now have three to four inches of isolated foam under your concrete to disconnect the concrete from the infinite heat sink that is the planet earth. Now the cost of your solar hot water heating just went up more. If you want to heat with solar you really want to heat with solar hot air. You do not need evacuated tubes to make solar hot water or hot air. A standard solar oven gets to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. That is twice 200 degrees Fahrenheit. That is just glass, wood, and a few reflectors. Again, you don't want a light saber. You want a lot of air flowing at about 90 to 95 Fahrenheit. If your air is over a 100 Fahrenheit, then you turn up the speed of the air flow to solar heater to get more at a cooler temperature. This is how you get higher thermal efficiency. Making solar hot air is brain dead easy. I still have the TSP solar hot air combo on It is the book "Sunshine to Dollars." It tells you how to get all the free glass in the world that you could want to make solar hot air heating. Now that your glass is free it is cheap to make solar hot air. I show you hot to make multiple solar hot air and multiple solar ovens. I got two other books, "The Complete Handbook to Solar Heating Systems" and "Movable Insulation." I won't go into details because one: they are awesome take my word for it, and two: I talk about them on previous shows. All of my previous TSP show, and I am currently the record holder for the most shows are linked at On it is $49 for all three books that are normally $75, so save $26. It is only for you TSP listeners and the MSB discount does apply, so you can get them even cheaper. If you are not part of the TSP membership support bergad, join. It saves you money and it is awesome. Central Washington please, when you need sunshine the most it is cloudy and rainy basically all winter. So were is your sunshine? Can I say one thing, wood heat... You got a lot of wood. You got a lot of trees. You got a lot of scrap wood. Hot wood heaters are off the shelf. You can even heat water and run it through concrete. Or you can just use it right in the shop. I suggest for simplicity, that instead of going with the solar route in Central Washington, that you look at wood heat. Again this is Steven Harris for Jack Spirko and The Survival Podcast. I am at I love you guys. You are awesome. I can wait to be back on again. We are going to talk about some of the best stuff you never heard. Thanks guys, bye.


Jack Spirko: That is why we have a panel of experts. While I could have answered that question, I could have no where covered it in the depth and breadth that Steve did. That is why I am very happy to have him as part of our expert panel. On the libertarian question, that one I can do for you.