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Let's talk QRP

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The reasons why QRP (on HF) is not recommended for inexperienced hams are the most succesful mode is CW and a lot of patience is required. CW can be learned and patience is gained through many, many attempts before contacts are made. But the contacts will come if you don't get discouraged. I made an SSB QSO from W7-land to Guam way back when the sunspot number was about 65 (it's now about 25) on 10 meters, in December. Just luck, and patience. If you opt for HF QRP, keep in mind you chose to do it the hard way. 73!

  Thanks to fldigi we can now run digital modes. PSK 31, MT 63 and others will make contacts that not even CW can do because of the code written for them. I've copied people on MT 63 and PSK 31 I could not hear. You could just make them out on the water fall. Of course SSB is a different matter. It's like pulling teeth if the band is crowded but if things are quite I have made a number of contacts. Check out the K8MRD video's.  PS you'll see me in his first field day video in the last 6 minuets. I'm wearing a gray sweater. Grin


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