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Killing wild rabbits

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I've noticed most of ours have turned around in the trap. Coons must be smaller here

Don't know. I coons I've seen are roadkill. The possums are small enough to get trapped but I don't know if they'll eat cat food.

I just go with a cheap air rifle to dispatch old Peter Cottontail.
Way cheaper to shoot than even a 22 and less likely to over penetrate or ricochet.
Lot less noise as well.

David in MN:
We used to use the trap and drown method. On the farm it was a .410 shotgun. But you can get away with that on a couple hundred acres in Wisconsin. Where I am now I would be a social pariah for killing the bunnies that eat my garden. So they rule the roost.

There is another way that my grandfather did that I find unethical. He'd put out a dish of anti-freeze. Yup, it will kill off the critters and maybe a couple of his barn cats but it will work.

If you made me get rid of rabbits today I'd use my bow and eat them. Rabbit is a good meal. But as always it's all about what the neighbors will think.

Yeah, times like this and the squirrels make me wish I had a scoped pellet gun, but I don't. 

As far as neighbors, well, yeah, some would have a fit if they heard you threw rocks near the coyotes to move them on ---

Of course no-one openly talks about killing pests.  But it is done, and is why now and then you hear one shot ring out, and no-one can triangulate from the one shot.  Or why another neighbor has a live trap to loan me that they have caught and drowned pests.  Drowning is not as nice for the animal, I know.  But first bridge to cross is actually catching one.


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