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Killing wild rabbits

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Yeah, I can't quite pull myself to drown them.  That's why I shoot.  I use a .22LR.  I haven't had a problem with over penetrating/ricocheting (yet).  I just put the barrel up to a gap in the cage and fire.  Like any other time you shoot a gun, make sure you know what's in the field of fire and behind the target.  I haven't tried our pellet gun but it's more of a hassle for me though.  I'd try that if noise was more of a concern.

I've found apples and/or lettuce work well. It may take a few days for the bunnies to get used to the new thing/trap in the environment before it explores.  Rabbits, being low on the food chain, like to stay safe.  So they're frequently along hedges, fence lines, walls, or along the side of a raised bed wall.  Those make great spots to put the trap.  If you can get your hands on a second one, that'll increase your odds.  And you can face them different ways or on different potential rabbit roads.

I'll bet you're not supposed to dispose of the carcass in the trash (but a 'body bag' covers a multitude of sins).  I typically dump mine on the other side of a field behind my house for a kit of foxes.  But I've been tempted recently to just feed them to my chickens.  I'm sure my wife and kids will go nuts when I try that!

I spray/clean off the cage afterwards.


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