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High Yield Savings Accounts


Have any of you looked into any of these online savings accounts (CIT Bank, UFB Direct, Marcus by Goldman Sachs, etc.)? I'm about to come into some money and would like someplace to put it (other than my credit union account) while I decide what I'm going to do with it.

I switched to Ally Bank ~2 years ago for the higher yield. At the time it was 2% but now it's down to 1.4/1.5% but that's still better than the .01% WF gives me on my checking. Overall I like them a lot and the service has been good. Transfers to Wells Fargo take 1-2 business days and there are no fees. I've got direct deposit set up so a portion of each paycheck goes into there and all of my wife's money goes into the savings account as well. I've got sub accounts for my kids (checking and savings) and they each have a debit card so they can spend their money when we take them out.

Wherever you go with I think it's important to remember than there are might not be any buildings so you need to keep a brick and mortar bank/credit union available in case you need cash/money orders/deposit boxes.


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