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where to get info on testing for ham license?

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Newb here... Live in Los Angeles.. and would like to inquire about where to get a license....

Also, would that be the same license for the cb/walkie talkie high range channels?

newb out.

Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group

Whole Bunch of Cali Radio Club Info

Contact a club or group from one of the two links above to get your general questions answered.  Talk to a VEC (Volunteer Exam Coordinator) if you can.  A VEC will be able to tell you about their local test dates.

Check out Practice Exams.  You can take the tests for free to practice.  The real test questions are used in the practice exams, so if you take these tests until you're consistently hitting 80% or better you'll pass the real test with no problem.  You can take the exams in any order you like, click on the "wait for correct" button so that you can answer each question until you get it right.  It's possible to take these tests until you're getting them all right & then take the real exam & get licensed.  Lots of folks have done it this way.

If you want some printable license notes check out Mr. Pugsly  Click the "Amateur Radio Technicians License Notes" & print away.  It's not really necessary to buy study material with all the information & resources available on the nets.

Good luck!

Just adding one more.  Good study guide here...

Thanks....   ;)


Good stuff. I havent had anyone ever put everything I need to get a license right in my lap before. You are the first. Thank you. I believe I gonna get licensed up.


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