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Smurf Hunter:

--- Quote from: Rainbird on July 05, 2016, 08:48:10 AM ---Wowsers, those books are... bad. Very easy to tell that neither author has either (1) a license, or (2) any experience at all with any kind of radio beyond the AM/FM one in the car.

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This reminds me of a pet peeve I've developed recently.  In a lot of prepper-fiction, and even non-fiction, people refer to ham radio like it's a binary thing.

"Why yes Bill, we have ham radio at our bug out location."

Is that a Chinese handi-talkie, or a decades old Collins?  When you come to understand that each band and mode can require specific equipment and configurations, these kinds of oversimplified references in books seem lazy to me.


--- Quote from: Ms. Albatross on July 04, 2016, 09:21:57 AM ---This e-book is free on Amazon today.  I haven't read it.  There are no reviews yet.

Remember that you don't have to have a Kindle to read Amazon e-books.  You can download a free app to your computer to read them.

Found another one that is free today.  It has three reviews.

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Second one isn't free.  Accidentally clicked buy it now before I noticed.  I'll check it out anyways since I've got it now.  I've been taking practice exams, but I'd like to actually learn a bit in addition to learning the test.  A lot of the what frequency is the 2 meter band type stuff is tough to remember for me without background info. 

Smurf Hunter:

--- Quote from: xxdabroxx on July 05, 2016, 12:37:54 PM --- A lot of the what frequency is the 2 meter band type stuff is tough to remember for me without background info.

--- End quote ---

That is on the test :)

Here's the formula to remember.

300 divided by the frequency in megahertz is the wavelength in meters.

So 300 / 150Mhz  = 2 meters

A detailed student will notice that 150Mhz is beyond the 2 meter amateur band (140-148mhz is the actual range), but saying "2.14 meters"  or "2.02 meters"  does not roll off the tongue nicely.

Obviously this little formula is not perfectly precise, but it'll get you close enough to choose the correct multiple choice answer.

cool, thanks

I volunteer to answer any Ham/radio related questions either in PM or as a new subject in Ham or radio-communications sub-forum.


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