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Thanks Carl, maybe I'll start a new thread with some questions as I come up with them, it may be a bit unorganized but at least it could benefit others that way.   

No problem,I know I am not the only one with answers and others may do I as some questions cause me to reach a bit to give a meaningful,understandable ,answer.

Ms. Albatross:

--- Quote from: Rainbird on July 05, 2016, 08:48:10 AM ---Wowsers, those books are... bad. Very easy to tell that neither author has either (1) a license, or (2) any experience at all with any kind of radio beyond the AM/FM one in the car.

Not at all recommended, even at a price tag of $0.00.   8)

--- End quote ---

I've found that many of the free or very low cost e-books on Amazon are not very good.  But I do come across some gems often enough to keep looking for them every day.  I just thought I would post these because I don't see free books on HAM radio very often.  (Actually I don't think I've ever seen one before.)

--- Quote from: xxdabroxx on July 05, 2016, 12:37:54 PM ---Second one isn't free.  Accidentally clicked buy it now before I noticed.  I'll check it out anyways since I've got it now. 

--- End quote ---

You do have to watch the price.  Often an author will post a book for free for one day (or a short period of time) so some people will read them and post some reviews.  It's all about getting reviews.

Old thread, but I figure that since I just did the exam for Technician and General, I'd toss out what I found most useful. 

I have an electronics background, so had to read up on the bands and laws, that sort of thing.

I watched several of the YouTube videos.  I also did a lot of online reading.

What really helped me focus on what I did not know was to use the practice exams on  I also found the ARRL app useful for occasional use when waiting for my daughter to get out of dance.


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