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Amateur Radio Wilderness Protocol

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Tactical Badger:
This was a new one on me.  I stumbled across it this morning while thumbing through an A.R.E.S. Field Guide.

Basically, it is the practice of monitoring the National Simplex Frequencies for five minutes at the top of every hour to listen for distress calls.

A couple of articles I found about it.

If you're a member of ARRL, you can do a search on past QST articles and find the oirginal proposal for the idea back in 1994.

I like this idea a lot.  It makes sense to incorporate it into any Comm's Protocol you might have with your friends or family or a MAG.

I don't know if it just didn't catch on, but I stumbled across it comepletely by accident.  It seems like something that should get publicized and encouraged.

  It's a great idea, kind of like monitoring channel 9 on the CB.

Tactical Badger:
Yeah.'s not that icky 11 Meter stuff. ;D

Good stuff!  Thanks TB! 

I was not aware of this protocol.

Unless I missed it I noticed that there is not a monitored frequency for GMRS or FRS which some hikers carry and use.


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