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The George Floyd riots in Mpls

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--- Quote from: David in MN on October 25, 2020, 08:21:44 AM ---A Minnesota judge dismissed the 3rd degree charges against Chauvin. The actual trial is set for January which is pure brilliance because no matter the result nobody is rioting in Minneapolis in January. You'd lose toes. What's interesting to watch on a local level is that the DA is trying to find the law that will stick but ultimately running into the sad fact that the police basically have carte blanche to beat the crap out of you if they feel it's warranted.

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It could never be 3rd degree.  As we discussed near start of thread, it can only be 2nd degree:. That third degree was proposed was either incompetence on the part of the prosecutor or an attempt to fuel riots.

--- Quote from: iam4liberty on June 03, 2020, 03:56:06 PM ---It's pretty straight forward.  There is no premeditation therefore 1st is out unless new evidence emerges otherwise.  This was obviously felony level assault so if death is unintentional it would be murder 2.  Not to mention desire to cause injury also makes it murder 2 even if assault not felony.  And if intentional, which could be argued given other police officer suggested he change position but declined to do so, that too would be murder 2.  Murder 3 makes no sense.

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They did not drop the second degree charges.  That has been the only legitimate option from the start. Problem for them is that the earlier video makes a conviction on murder 2 completely unlikely unless they succeed in seating a completely biased jury.  Which doesn't seem realistic given the judge appears competent.


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