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Working to get my Technician should I go for General as well

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Good luck.  I have yet to make my first contact.  Got my license in December.  What drew me to get my license is the electronics and possible projects.  I bought a kit to build, built most of it and have stalled.  I'll print a case for it shortly and get it built and tested out.

There is a good chunk of overlap between the tech test and General....I did take the tests separate and a few years back.

The testing location was a flat fee for as many tests as I wanted. As in, pass one exam and then take the next.

Tech is real good for line of sight, the general gives you options.  The extra does add some additional benefits, so might as well go for that (sort of kidding, but not). 


--- Quote from: Bradbn4 on February 21, 2020, 05:52:19 PM ---There is a good chunk of overlap between the tech test and General.

--- End quote ---
Agreed, when I took the test in December, I decided to give General a shot.  I was thinking of taking Extra, but the test is this week and I can't make it.

I opine that general is clearly worth the extra study.

The most helpful to me was a youtube channel "the ham whisperer".

Keep in mind that all the questions and answers are published.  I know it's not the "right" way to do it, but simply memorizing the answers will result in a passing score. 

The Android App Ham Radio Prep was useful for this.

The way I look at studying for something like this, who cares if you know which parts of the band a General can use but a Technician cannot?  I have a band chart that tells me this.  If I need to know, I'll look at the chart.  Same goes with a lot of the other material.  I have an electronics background, but I would guess that the vast majority of hams do not build their own gear, what difference does it make if they are able to identify a P-N-P transistor or can tell which is the Anode or Cathode of a diode?  You can easily look this up.

The vast majority of your learning will be done after you have your license.


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