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--- Quote from: Greekman on February 04, 2020, 11:33:52 AM ---well I suppose that it is reflected power down the SWr meter, down to the radio and back up again...

--- End quote ---

That is exactly right! The power produced by the radio is the forward power minus the reflected power.

Long ago my employer used a similar trick and nearly lost a contract due to the disbelief of a gov't.  inspector. We had a device called a "circulator" (at HF - quite the trick) and used it to test a pair of back to back 50kW baluns. The transmitter powering the test was a 10 kW TX. The inspector called BS. But the circulator took the power coming out of the baluns and added it into the power coming from the TX. Inline power meters on either side of the baluns confirmed 50 kW. The TX only had to make up losses. Ultimately the inspector was convinced and the product approved.


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