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The HAM VHF band in danger of being re-assigned?


well there has benn alot of drama the past few days...Approach the timeline with a cool head

Propostiion at the latests CEPT meeting for reasigning the band to Aeronautical

ARRL newspost

june 30th update
in short the proposal was a hasty last minute addition, and no final decision was reached.
But the issue will be discussed, and unless properly contested, may pass.

The relevant petition (for just in case I think)

seems the proposal will be in the World Radiocommunication Conference 2023 Agenda (could not find anything on the 2019th)

It’s not like hams use the 2-meter frequencies. The latest count from my little state, there are “only” 148 registered 2-meter repeaters. That doesn’t count the many that are not on the list, nor does it count the many cross-band repeaters on 2-m, or simplex users. Who is trying to buy these frequencies?


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