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Dirk Pitt:
I need the CHIRP program (at least that is what I have been told) for my Baofeng radio, I have the cable and Radio just need the software. I don’t know where to get that software.

Any my help would be appreciated.


Dirk Pitt:
Thank you

Dirk Pitt:
Got the radios BF-F8HP
Got the cable
Got the CHIRP software installed
Got the software to work (well most of it)
Got the info from the repeater book for a local repeater
And this is where my “gots” stop.

 So I have two Identical radios both with identical cloning they both can hit the repeater but I can’t hear myself on the other radio I’m really scratching my head on this one.

 Also in the software I found all the great NOAA information  and I said great I can put all this on my radio but the upload button is grayed out I don’t understand ??

 Any help would be greatly appreciated  because I am stuck.

I used CHIRP for a while but had constant trouble with being able to consistently connect with my several Baofeng radios.  I don't know if you're having the exact same problem I was experiencing but you're not at all the first person who had difficulty using CHIRP with a Baofeng.  I had read that causes for these troubles include counterfeit Chinese chipsets in the USB connecting cable, firmware variations from one Baofeng radio to the next (even within the same exact model), and other things like this.

After biting the bullet and just paying a bit more for the RT Systems cable and software ("a bit more" compared to the chinesium USB cable and freeware CHIRP I had been using), these troubles are over.  It just works, no drama just connect it up follow the instructions and it has always worked the way it should since then.


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