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You would be correct Mr. Bill, I do not want to take a hammer to the fireplace :D.  So I've researched the fireplace insert and this is actually a duel fuel fire place.  It was originally build to use wood, but has been retrofitted for gas.  So it does have a modern chimney that can be closed (damper?).  It also has a lever on the side that opens a vent bringing
 in outside air so it isn't creating a cold draft sucking cold air in from wherever. 
The house was built in 1993 in a neighborhood outside of town so we aren't talking about a early 1900s farmhouse with a huge fireplace and huge chimney.   
What I cant find is info that tells me the fuel consumption rate of the heater or the fireplace.  I do have the weatherstations placed so I can monitor the current temps in 4 locations of the house along with the highs and lows.  Unfortunatly this has been an abnormally warm night so the heater hasnt come on and I havent lit the fire. 
Any more input will be appreciated.

Fritz, I would have a heart attack if I was missing 200lbs.   :o  I actually turn off the gas if Im not currently using it.  I didn't realize the pilot used that much, but I have twin 2 year olds, and they spent the summer getting into it.  So regardless of how many times they get their tails popped, I sill dont want an open flame at their level.   

Yep, when the propane guy came and filled the tank, I was shocked.

I ended up taking out the propane and the stove since I rarely used it.  It wasn't very useful, It was in an area where the air flow wouldn't heat the rest of the house and we don't spend a lot of time.


--- Quote from: yarbrough28310 on December 14, 2018, 05:58:59 PM ---Thanks hurricane.  My chimney is closed, but I realize heat still escapes.  The fireplace keeps the main part of the house  freakin' HOT, so the furnace never turns on.  The result is the bedrooms at the other end of the house are chilly.
--- End quote ---

The thermostat for your furnace should have a switch for the fan with either "ON" or "AUTO" for the settings.
When/if you run the fireplace for heat and power is available, select "ON" for the fan. This will run the furnace main circulating fan constantly while selected and will circulate the heat throughout the house which should somewhat equalize the temperature throughout the house.
Just remember to place it back in "AUTO" when the fireplace is not in use.

Morning Sunshine:
wow - 200lbs!  yikes. 
We have a gas fireplace. 
It has an outside vent, and in the cold winter mornings, it sucks cold air inside and it is colder there.  We turn it on every morning just to get rid of that.
 The kids have a habit of being cold in the mornings during the summer so they still like to turn it on in the summer.  I told them to knock it off or I would turn off the pilot light.  I have done that a few summers.  The problem was that then I had to relight the pilot, and one year a teeny tiny spider blocked the pilot pipe; that cost a call to a gas company  :o 
YMMV but that is our experience


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